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We offer a full and comprehensive range of domestic services from changing a plug socket to full rewires at very competitive prices, all our work is guaranteed for a period of 12 months and is installed to current British Standards (bs7671)

We offer services which include surveys, advice, testing and certification, fault finding and much more.

Please feel free to call us for a free no obligation quotation or just advice if required.

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We offer a full or part rewiring service, this may be lighting, socket circuits, cooker circuits or any other circuit that may need to be rewired or installed fresh such as garden lighting. Our prices are very competitive so please don’t hesitate to contact us domestic interior

We can install any new circuit within your dwelling from new socket or lighting circuit to  complete new build wiringcables

As a matter of safety, mains powered smoke alarms or heat detectors should be installed to every floor of a dwelling.

We install mains powered smoke/heat detectors to many homes throughout Yorkshire.

Smoke detectors are an essential part of today’ssmoke detector living and save lives on a regular basis. Call us today for a quotation

85% of homes only have an intruder alarm fitted after being burgled!

Avoid the upset of losing precious family heirlooms and damage to your property. A new burglar alarm system is essential in today’s modern society. We fit the latest technology intruder alarms be it hard wired or wireless, all our alarms and installations are  guaranteed for a period of 12 months  for peace of mind, we are also  Risco Agility 3 trained and approved installers.

The modern intruder alarm offers lcd screen so a point of entry is easily readable instead of the old fashioned zone l.e.d. Modern intruder alarms also offer the ability to telephone the property owner on activation of alarm, so if you are at work, you can call the police instantly or a neighbour to check it out – along with other programmable features to offer the highest security possible. burglar alarm

C.C.T.V  systems vary greatly in quality of image and recording. Our domestic installations can be installed with vari-focal lenses to either pinpoint number plates, see faces, watch doors or just cover general areas.

Most modern systems can be watched via your television as long as the correct wiring system is installed or can be viewed remotely on either the internet, iphone / ipad or android phone / tablet; Coupled with a digital video recorder (dvr) our systems work flawlessly and offer the peace of mind that comes from knowing that a criminal can be brought to justice. If the c.c.t.v system is coupled with one of our intruder alarm installations, total piece of mind can be had that your property will be safe, even if you are on holiday or away from home.cctv

Gone are the days of the re-wireable fuses of old.

The 17th edition of the wiring regulations requires most circuits in a domestic property to be protected by an RCD. It is often a better and cheaper option to upgrade the consumer unit rather than alter the existing installation in order to comply with the new regulations.

A consumer unit using rewireable BS 3036 fuse carriers was upgraded to a 17th edition split load board incorporating circuit breakers sometimes referred to as MCBs, miniture circuit breakers. The circuits on the new consumer units are protected by two residual current devices (RCD). Power and lighting circuits for the same floor are split between the RCDs on different sides of the board. This is so that in the event of a fault all the circuits on a particular floor are not cut-off from the supply.

The new wiring regulations introduced in 2008 demand that all circuits are protected by RCDs. Often the easiest way to comply, particularly if the existing fuse box is dated, is to upgrade.

Swapping the consumer unit may also involve some additional electrical work, to enable the installation to meet the standards set by the new wiring regulations.

The nature of this work, disconnecting the overload protection and connecting the cable to a new means of basic and fault protection means that the electrician will have worked on all circuits. He will therefore have to conduct an electrical test on all circuits to ensure that they are safe and will then have to issue an electrical installation certificate before the job is handed over. Any faults found on a circuit will have to be corrected before the circuit is energised.

Often when a new fuseboard is installed, the earthing arrangements to the fuseboard, gas and water will have to be upgraded/installeddis board

We offer a comprehensive testing and reporting service which offers, domestic condition reports to assess the condition of wiring within an installation, fire alarm, emergency lighting, minor works and installation certificates. Certification or condition reporting can be conducted on any property and is usually conducted when buying or selling a house.fluke tester

A landlords certificate is usually comprises a domestic condition report or whatever local authority calls for. Whatever the certificate you require, we can help!

Fault-FindingIf you have a problem we can fix it!

No matter if your lights don’t work, a socket has stopped working or any other fault, we can find it. Our trained electricians are expert at fault diagnosis and rectification with over 20 years experience within this field.

Most minor faults are found within an hour of arrival on site and can be rectified easily and without much disruption to your lives or property.


Outdoor living is increasingly becoming more popular in the lighting

We offer a service to provide all your lighting and power to garden / patio areas to  provide background lighting, mood lighting, feature lighting or illuminate dining areas. Coupled with providing power sockets for external barbecues and patio heaters, we aim to provide a full external package, we can even install external speakers and home entertainment solutions if required.

If you have a home office or just require your telephone socket moving to another location then we can inphone socketstall/move new or existing equipment anywhere within your property at a very reasonable price.

We also offer a complete hard wired home networking installation to supply data points for a faster internet connection throughout your home for the likes of broadband and online gaming.

We offer a complete supply and install or just a simple install of home media, data, audio and video.

home media

This service can be provided to supply high definition via cat6e cabling or in the simplest form wiring to bedrooms to supply a television signal or even send sky to different rooms.

We also install and can provide full surround sound systems to amplify your media experince.

We offer free advice on what can be achieved so please feel free to call us and discuss your needs



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